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Bianchi & Giavotti was founded in 1961 and focuses on thermoplastic resin injection moulding for items targeted at various fields, starting from the manufacturing of the mould.

As a contractor by vocation, we seek to achieve customer satisfaction when manufacturing the part, by offering our technology for the construction of the mould as well as the subsequent production.

We have always worked in the field of technical parts, cosmetic packaging, and are specialising more and more in large volume production.

Over the years, the company has specialised in manufacturing components for Aerosol pumps and valves, productions that require great dimensional precision and very high production volumes.

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Thermoplastic moulding

Our company specialises in thermoplastic resin moulding for components including for aerosol valves and micropumps, and general technical items.
We set out to gain ground in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and technical sectors, both at national and European level, increasing our market share through:

  • manufacturing high-range quality products;
  • fulfilling the most advanced needs of customers and the market;
  • constantly improving our technology;
a targeted sales policy to ensure a reasonable profit and high degree of self-financing.
The use of advanced equipment, ongoing training and staff motivation are an important foundation to achieve these goals.
Through constant teamwork, we are able to build on the ideas that each employee produces in their own area of ​​responsibility.
Compliance with Laws on the environment and health and safety at work is of paramount importance for our company.
The company is constantly engaged in researching new technologies to ensure the full safety of its employees and the highest production quality.


Components for Aerosol pumps

Constantly searching for the best solution to address the customer's needs, brought Bianchi & Giavotti to obtain unique production facilities. To meet the customers' needs, relating to the pharmaceutical market, it first created a conditioned moulding department with presses under a laminar flow, and then a new plant dedicated to this particular market.

In September 2001, with a new building of around 1000 sqm, BG Pharma began business.

BG Pharma


The new facility is equipped with a Cleanroom certified according to class B of the GMP (ISO 5 out of activity, ISO 7 in activity) where the production of 10 entirely robotised presses are directed, preventing the part from being touched by the operator's hands or coming into contact with uncontrolled atmosphere.

Bianchi & Giavotti SpA and BG Pharma division have been certified since 2002 in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. Since 2004, the BG Pharma division has also been certified to UNI CEI EN 13485:2004 for the pharmaceutical and medical industry in controlled environments (cleanroom).

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